Discover the Future of Cybersecurity:


Discover the transformative power of artificial intelligence with "Cyberdroid - Advanced AI", our state-of-the-art module embedded in the COGNITHOR SIEM product suite. Packed with pioneering AI technologies and features, Cyberdroid is engineered to proactively defend, predict, and prevent in an increasingly complex cybersecurity landscape.

High-Powered AI Infrastructure

Cyberdroid's DNA is constructed with a robust AI Infrastructure developed in C++, acclaimed for its exceptional performance and efficiency. This potent core ensures optimal utilization of resources, providing formidable solutions to the intricate challenges of cybersecurity.

cGRAPH: In-Memory Graph Database

Cyberdroid's in-memory graph database, cGRAPH, revolutionizes data processing capabilities. It enables fast, efficient access to interconnected data, delivering real-time insights and comprehensive network analytics to fortify your systems.

Pioneering ML/DL Algorithms

Experience the prowess of machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) with Cyberdroid's state-of-the-art algorithms. These intelligent algorithms continuously learn from and adapt to emerging threats, recognize patterns, and swiftly respond, keeping potential risks at bay.

Winner in Cyber Arena Be you!

RELISECURE's Proprietary AI Algorithms

Our patented RELISECURE AI algorithms form the competitive edge in Cyberdroid's AI features, offering unmatched protection against evolving threats. Crafted in-house, these proprietary algorithms ensure the highest level of defense.

Groundbreaking Graph Neural Network Algorithms

Cyberdroid's Graph Neural Network (GNN) algorithms elevate traditional neural network approaches to graph data, empowering dynamic threat detection capabilities. These algorithms can efficiently learn and generalize from complex data, detecting hidden threats with pinpoint accuracy.

Dynamic Threat Prioritization Powered by AI

Cyberdroid employs AI to dynamically prioritize threats, focusing resources on potential threats before they escalate. Continually reassessing the threat landscape, Cyberdroid ensures your organization's defenses are optimally deployed.

Anomaly Detection with Machine Learning

Cyberdroid's machine learning powers extend to anomaly detection, identifying unusual patterns and behaviors that signify potential breaches. By understanding your systems' 'normal' behaviors, Cyberdroid swiftly recognizes and responds to any abnormalities, minimizing unnoticed intrusions.

APT and Threat Detection with GNN

Leveraging our Graph Neural Networks, Cyberdroid excels in Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) detection. Analyzing complex data patterns and behaviors, it identifies the subtle indicators of long-term, targeted cyber-attacks, enabling you to take preemptive action.

User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) with AI

Enhancing user and entity behavior analytics through AI, Cyberdroid identifies potentially malicious activities based on the observed behaviors of users and entities within your network. This AI-enhanced feature ensures a comprehensive defense strategy, protecting your organization from the inside out.

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