Level 1: Operational Monitoring Service

Guardian Watch focuses on ensuring the seamless operation of your RELISECURE product and services. This foundational service tier includes:

  • System Monitoring: Continuous oversight of the RELISECURE infrastructure to guarantee operational integrity. Quick response to system alerts and anomalies. 
  • Log Source Integration: Adding new log sources as required and ensuring their proper integration into the SIEM/SOAR ecosystem. This also includes verifying that all log sources are active and troubleshooting any disruptions. 
  • Log Source Health Checks: Regular checks to identify and alert on any interruptions or cessations in log source feeds, maintaining uninterrupted visibility into your security posture. 
  • Correlation Rule Management: Regular addition and modification of correlation rules to maintain system relevance and effectiveness. This ensures that the system can accurately identify and alert on security events. 
  • Report Assurance: Verification that all default and critical reports function correctly, providing consistent insight into the security posture. 

Level 2: Advanced Security Analysis Service

Stone Shield takes security monitoring to the next level by adding detailed analysis and proactive security measures. This tier includes: 

  • Contains “Guardian Watch  
  • Enhanced Security Monitoring: In-depth monitoring and analysis of security events to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities. This involves a more detailed review of alerts generated by the SIEM/SOAR/CYBERDROID/VATOS systems. 
  • Report Customization and Analysis: Development of customized reports to meet specific security and business requirements, enabling better decision-making based on comprehensive security data. 
  • Correlation Rule Tuning: Advanced tuning of correlation rules to reduce false positives and ensure that alerts are meaningful and actionable. This involves an iterative process of refining rules based on new insights and emerging threats. 
  • Incident Analysis Support: Assistance with analyzing and interpreting complex security incidents to determine root causes and potential impact. 

Level 3: Elite Cyber Defense Service

Eagle Eye represents the pinnacle of cybersecurity services, offering comprehensive threat hunting, forensic analysis, and strategic defense mechanisms.
This tier is designed for organizations
seeking to aggressively pursue and mitigate cyber threats. It includes:

  • Contains “Stone Shield” 
  • Threat Hunting: Proactive search for hidden threats within the network, leveraging advanced analytical techniques and threat intelligence to identify and neutralize sophisticated adversaries. 
  • Advanced AI Technologies: Proactive search for hidden threats within the network, leveraging advanced analytical techniques and threat intelligence to identify and neutralize sophisticated adversaries. 
  • Digital Forensics: Detailed forensic analysis to uncover the full scope of security incidents, providing clear insights into breach methods and impacted systems. 
  • Vulnerability Assessment: Systematic evaluation of the security posture to identify vulnerabilities and recommend measures to mitigate risks before they can be exploited. 
  • Threat Intelligence Integration: Incorporation of real-time threat intelligence into security operations to inform defense strategies and anticipate attacker moves. 
  • Visibility Enhancement: Implementation of additional tools and controls to increase the visibility of security events across the digital environment, enabling faster detection and response.Top of Form Bottom of Form 
  • Incident Response Support: Especially for higher-tier services, include options for incident response support to help mitigate and recover from security incidents. 

Level 4: The next level of Cyber Defense

Quantum Shield represents the zenith of cybersecurity services, offering unparalleled protection, insight, and strategic advantage.
This exclusive tier is tailored for organizations
seeking to not just respond to the cybersecurity landscape but to actively influence it.
Quantum Shield includes:

  • Contains  “Eagle Eye”  
  • Predictive Threat Intelligence: Advanced use of AI and machine learning models to predict threats before they materialize, offering a strategic advantage in threat anticipation and prevention. 
  • Autonomous Response Capabilities: Implementation of autonomous systems capable of instantaneously responding to threats without human intervention, significantly reducing response times and mitigating potential damage. 
  • Security Posture Optimization: Continuous assessment and optimization of your security posture, leveraging advanced analytics to predict and mitigate potential security vulnerabilities before they can be exploited. 
  • Custom Threat Modeling: Development of bespoke threat models tailored to your organization’s unique environment and risk profile, enabling targeted defenses against the most relevant threats. 
  • Elite Incident Response Team (IRT): On-call access to an elite team of cybersecurity experts capable of rapid deployment to manage and mitigate critical incidents, ensuring minimal impact on business operations. 
  • Cybersecurity Advisory Services: Strategic guidance from top-tier security advisors to shape your cybersecurity strategy, governance, and risk management practices, aligning them with best practices and regulatory requirements. 
  • Advanced Cyber Resilience Planning: Comprehensive planning and testing services, including advanced red teaming exercises, to ensure your organization can withstand and quickly recover from cyber incidents. 
  • Global Threat Horizon Scanning: Leveraging global cybersecurity intelligence networks to provide early warnings and analyses of emerging threats, ensuring your defenses are prepared for what’s on the horizon. 
  • Custom Security Framework Development: Crafting a custom security framework that integrates seamlessly with your organizational goals and operational requirements. 
  • Executive Cyber Risk Management: Offering tailored risk management consultations and reporting for executive leadership, enabling informed decision-making at the highest levels. 
  • Regulatory Compliance Assurance: Advanced services ensuring not just compliance but leadership in regulatory adherence, preparing organizations for future regulations and standards. 
  • Innovation Partnerships: Collaborate on cybersecurity innovation projects, including the development and testing of new security technologies and methodologies. 



Quantum Shield is more than a service; it’s a strategic partnership designed to place your organization at the forefront of cybersecurity resilience and innovation.
It’s suited for top-tier enterprises and organizations that recognize the strategic role of cybersecurity in achieving their long-term business objectives and maintaining operational integrity in the face of evolving global threats.